Manure is no longer considered as a waste stream, but as a valuable resource. Animal manure contains many nutrients such as phosphate and nitrogen that are very important for soil fertility and plant growth. Because more manure is often produced than can be disposed of on the farm, some of those nutrients will have to be recovered from manure. This can be done, for example, by drying the manure; this dried manure can be used as a substitute for chemical fertilizer!

Benefits manure drying

Drying is a good option to reduce the build-up of ammonia, CO2 and fine dust. Dried manure can be easily stored and the weighed of dried manure is reduced substantially so transport costs are low. We offer two in-house developed solutions to get the most out of your (poultry) manure in an efficient way. Next to that both systems are very suitable for drying other products as well. The BeltDry belt dryer and the PoulDry plate dryer. Both use the air from the house to dry the manure, so basically the manure is dried with the heat generated by the animals! This way a substantial amount of energy can be saved while creating a valuable product.

The end result is the same, but the big differences between the systems are the robustness and capacity of the machines, the possibility to add heat to accelerate the drying process and the energy consumption. Depending on your requirements, we can advise you which machine is most suitable for your situation!