Poultry Management

Professional advice for higher business efficiency

Small changes in the supply of feed, water or lighting schedule can result in a better performance of the animals. VDL Jansen provides advice to poultry farmers worldwide to successfully improve their production results. Our poultry managers are experts on the behaviour and needs of broilers, breeders, and layers.


All sectors, systems, and houses have their own challenges to obtain an optimal production result. The years of experience and poultry knowledge enables VDL Jansen to give tailor made advice. The aim of this service is to create the best possible conditions for every specific situation to ensure optimal production results.


When a farmer seeks advice, the poultry manager starts with a study of the current situation. An analysis of the house data and management will often give a quick insight where changes can be made to better the performance of the animals. The report of the analysis consists of recommendations for improvements to better the performance of the flock. If necessary, the poultry manager helps the farmer to implement the recommendations.

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