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The design of a productive poultry farm is quite intricate. VDL Jansen designs, produces and delivers poultry systems turnkey. One point of contact for all questions, a trusted company with knowledge of technique and poultry, and over 30 years’ experience: VDL Jansen.


VDL Jansen manages the project from start to finish: a specialized team experienced in designing poultry houses oversees the project from design to delivery, manages all companies involved, and unburdens the entrepeneur. Assembly of the system is done under the watchful eye of an experienced VDL Jansen supervisor. He manages the local workmen and is the contact point on site for the farmer during assembly.


A layer house requires other feeding solutions than a broiler or breeder house. Fundamental in all solutions is a guaranteed supply of feed and water. The differences in feeding and drinking solutions are well-known at VDL Jansen. Based on the situation specific requirements, like bird density, our experts give advice on the best solution for feed and water.


Climate solutions depend on factors such as the needs of the animals, geographical circumstances, quality of the building, kind of poultry system, and customers’ requirements. VDL Jansen advises, delivers, and manages the optimal climate solution for any specific situation.


One of the key aspects of an optimal living environment for poultry is lighting. Broilers, breeders and layers all have their specific requirements regarding lighting. Lighting is an essential part of the system. VDL Jansen has solutions for any system and requirement.


Manure disposal solutions ensure no build-up of ammonia in the system, preventing respiratory and feet problems. Air scrubbers absorb fine dust, making the air inside and outside the house healthier for animals and humans. VDL Jansen has a solution for any regulation and is proud to be one of the forward companies when it comes to emission reduction worldwide.

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