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VDL Jansen systems for the laying sector were developed with the goal of achieving maximum egg production efficiently while maintaining quality. All systems are built with carefully selected and tested materials and construction techniques. This is essential to attaining the best results.


Aviary systems

Enriched colony

Laying nests


Rearing systems

Egg handling


Poultry Management

Small changes in the supply of feed, water or lighting schedule can result in a better performance of the animals. VDL Jansen provides advice to poultry farmers worldwide to successfully improve their production results. Our poultry managers are experts on the behaviour and needs of broilers, breeders, and layers.

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Turnkey Solutions

The design of a productive poultry farm is quite intricate. VDL Jansen designs, produces and delivers poultry systems turnkey. One point of contact for all questions, a trusted company with knowledge of technique and poultry, and over 30 years’ experience: VDL Jansen.


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