Most evenings you can find Scott Janzen in his Abbotsford barn, making sure his thousands of chickens go to sleep. His birds will come up to him, peck at his feet, hop onto his shoulder, leap into the air and fly past his head.

Janzen has run his own farm for about ten years, and for most of that time, his chickens – like the vast majority both in B.C. and around North America – were confined to cages. In 2014, though, Janzen decided to join an increasing number of egg producers and make the considerable investment to convert one of his two barns to housing free-run chickens.

It’s a move that came at a substantial cost, with the hope of profits down the line.

“I realized that’s the way of the future so I needed to personally change to meet the needs of our customers”, Janzen said

Comfort 2.0® aviary system

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