Mr Kuipers was the very first customer, back when VDL Jansen (former Jansen Poultry Equipment) was founded. Kuipers' nephew put him in touch with Albrecht Jansen, founder of Jansen Poultry Equipment.

In 1986 he had the opportunity to build a test house for parent stock using Jansen Poultry Equipment’s Premium+ nests. Kuipers: “I really liked the system and it met all my expectations. In fact, I’m still producing with Premium+ nests today.”

During all his years in business Mr Kuipers has never found a better nest. All his houses are therefore fitted with Premium+ nests. “It’s a solid system. My eggs are clean, there are very few floor eggs. The egg quality is also outstanding. There is no better nest to be found.”

“The automated egg processing system saves a lot of work.”

Egg collection is completely automated. The FlexBelt egg transport system safely carries the eggs to the central egg collection point. Here the eggs are sorted and carefully placed in setter trays by the Hatchery Packer. The Cobot safely places full setter trays in the setter tray container and supplies the Hatchery Packer with empty setter trays. “The automated egg processing system saves a lot of work.”

Premium+® laying nest


FlexBelt® EGG transport system

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