Mr. Jochemsen is a poultry farmer since 2003. His hens produce vaccine eggs, so hygiene is very important.

Floor eggs are not suitable as vaccine eggs and yield almost nothing. Just like all poultry farmers Jochemsen also prefers to have 0% floor eggs. But he has had a period that 2,5% of the produced eggs were floor eggs. Jochemsen needed to collect 7 or 8 buckets of floor eggs out of his poultry house every day. Besides the financial loss, it also caused a lot of frustration as Jochemsen spend one and half an hour a day to collect the eggs.

‘’Jansen is motivated to solve problems with higher operating profit as result. I am pleased with the effort of Jansen Poultry Equipment.’’

Together with the Poultry specialist of Jansen Poultry Equipment, Jochemsen searched for a solution. After some adjustments on the light schedule, feeding schedule and some small adjustments to the system, they managed to reduce the amount of floor egg to 0.6%. Jochemsen does not have to walk 7 or 8 rounds to collect floor eggs and this saves a lot of labour. Besides this, the significant reduction of his floor eggs also gained a big financial benefit.

POULTRY managment    

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