Jaakko Juva is owner of a broiler breeder farm located in Finland. He produces his eggs under strict hygiene measurements and takes good care of his animals. But there was one problem that Jaakko could not solve.

He was fed up with the amount of eggs he had to collect from the floor every day. Floor eggs get dirty and are therefore not suitable for hatching. On the 12th of June 2014, Jaakko Juva invited poultry specialist Jan van den Brink to his farm to see if he could solve this problem. In order to get a feel for the situation, Jan examined the farm and made an overview of the technical figures. From here he could start his check of the farm.

Entering the house the first thing Jan noticed were the drinking lines that were situated too high. He also noticed some dark spots in the litter area of the house, an attractive place for breeders to lay their eggs. He also discovered low water pressure in the lines and that the ventilation was not optimal. A lack of fresh air and an insufficient supply of water influences the health and therefore performance of the breeders. The dark spots in the house were caused by a poor lightning schedule.

Jan made recommendations to improve the climate, water supply, lightning and overall health of the breeders. By implementing these recommendations, the amount of floor eggs dropped within two months from 10% to 3% and the overall performance of the breeders increased. With this result Jaakko Juva now gains more profit and enjoys great results.

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