For G. Napier, owner of Henergy Cage-Free Eggs Ltd, animal-friendly production is simply common sense. He started his company with the idea of providing poultry with a good living environment.

“Any farmer with common sense knows you have to take good care of your animals. We want to provide our animals with a better living environment.” Henergy Cage-Free Eggs Ltd was granted the SPCA approval for animal-friendly production. SPCA is an international animal welfare organization.

Animal-friendly production is only possible with animal-friendly colony systems. This is one of the reasons Napier bought Jansen Poultry Equipment systems. Both share the vision that optimal poultry production is inextricably tied to animal welfare.

Napier choose the Premium+ nests with a configuration which includes slats and manure belts. Like all systems from Jansen Poultry Equipment, this system is developed based on the chicken’s natural behavior. Napier: “Hens are able to socialize, take dust baths, scratch the floor and rest. Hens lay their eggs in partitioned, comfortable nests of the highest quality.”

“Hens are able to scratch to their heart’s desire and produce first-class quality eggs.”

Napier is delighted with the advisory service provided by Jansen Poultry Equipment. This service involves a poultry specialist visiting the location and doing a walk-through with the poultry farmer to see where improvements can be made. The poultry specialist investigates important factors such as ventilation, light, management and animal health. Napier: “We were extremely happy with the professional, expert advice from the Jansen Poultry Equipment poultry specialist. The advice concerns all levels of management, down to performing the actual tasks, and results in improved profitability. We would certainly recommend the service to other poultry farmers, because everyone should be made aware of where they can achieve financial gains. The returns are greater than the investment.”

“The advice covered all levels and has resulted in direct economic benefits.”

Premium+® laying nesT   

Premium slat for layers

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