Mother and daughter Fuchsberger invest in their family based broiler breeder farm and build a new poultry house that has a capacity of 12.000 broiler breeders.

The poultry farm has been in the family for 250 years. Thirty years ago, they started keeping broiler breeders. The first house is now about 20 years old and can accommodate 11,000 birds. The new house with a length of 135 metres and a width of 14.5 metres, is completed last February (2022).

Choice of laying nest
The choice for the nests was easily made: ‘In the existing house we have been working with the Premium+ laying nest from VDL Jansen for 20 years to our full satisfaction. At that time, we were the first in Austria to buy these nests and it is not without reason that we choose this nest again. Minor repairs or replacing a nest mat are sometimes necessary, but we have never had to replace a nest in those 20 years!

Feed system
Our sister company VDL Agrotech delivered the feeding systems. 'As the weight of the males in the first house was difficult to manage the breeding organisation suggested
a chain feeding system for the hens, combined with the Matrix feeding system for the males. This combination ensures a calmer and much smoother course of the feeding time, something which is very important to us', says mrs. Fuchsberger.

There was an article published in DPC magazine about this project which you can download via the button below or watch our movie about this project (scroll down this page).

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