In 1995, a great opportunity appeared to buy a wonderful farm in the Frisian village Appelscha. Harry and Jolanda de Klein seized the moment and started a poultry farm.

Nowadays they keep broiler breeders and according to Harry de Klein the production is going very well.
Before Jolanda and Harry de Klein could start with their poultry farm, they needed a housing system. Because of experiences and stories of other poultry farmers, the Premium+ nest of Jansen Poultry Equipment was already on top of mind. After visiting various exhibitions, the preference for the Premium+ laying nests remained. Harry and Jolanda decided to purchase this system for their poultry farm.

Nowadays Harry and Jolanda still produce with the Premium+ nests and are very happy with it. Systems of Jansen Poultry Equipment are known for their good quality. Not only the quality of the system itself but also the acceptance of the system by the animals. Harry and Jolanda can confirm this. Harry: ”Our production is great. The nests from 1995 are still in perfect condition and the slats have a good manure passage.” Jolanda: ”We have a very low amount of floor eggs and the nests are very well accepted by the hens. Last year we have performed extraordinarily good. The quality of the hatching eggs is very good and have a very high hatching rate.”

To the question if Harry and Jolanda would recommend the Premium+ laying nest to other poultry farmers, both Harry and Jolanda answered without any hesitation: yes.

Premium+® laying nest

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