Dave and Jamie Brock are owners of a new broiler breeder farm called Four Corners Poultry in Ontario, Canada. The farm complex has 4 houses, each with 6,500 broiler breeders.

Dave and Jamie have great business results and decided to build another complex of 4 new houses. This complex will be ready for placement of 26,000  broiler breeders in December 2014. Four Corners Poultry is receiving full service from Meller Poultry Inc.,  certified  dealer of Jansen Poultry Equipment.

The great results can be attributed to the fact that Dave and Jamie understand the importance of good equipment and poultry management.  Technical Manager Don Haasnoot supervises the broiler breeder flocks and the performance of equipment, essential for good production results. Don Haasnoot: ‘’The % floor eggs (outside nest eggs) is less than 1 %, resulting in a great production of quality eggs that are suitable for hatching.’’

All poultry houses of Dave and Jamie have the Premium+ laying nests with 3 meter(10 ft) wide Jansen slats. Four Corners Poultry was using the Shannandoah single hole  nests  but are very pleased to have made the change to the communal Jansen Premium+ nests. This nest offers hens a comfortable and appealing environment to lay their eggs. The special construction of the nest and use of attractive materials maintain the quality of eggs which is required for high hatchability.

Premium+® laying nest

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