Aviary project Avicola San Fortunato

Poultry company Avicola San Fortunato is located in Collevalenza, Todi, where VDL Jansen equipped a project in 2021 with innovative customized solutions.

The 6 poultry houses measuring a length of 225meters and one of 160 meters are equipped with our Comfort 2.0 aviary system with manure belt aeration, which guarantees good ventilation of each tier and at the same time helps the manure drying process. In addition, the 6 houses are equipped with a manure transfer belt in the aviary systems.

Edoardo Ferdinandi, owner of poultry farm Avicola San Fortunato: “our intention was to create a poultry farm that meets the highest technological standards available on the market, with the aim of obtaining the best production performance, but at the same time ensuring the welfare of the animal, and minimize the impact on the environment”.

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Article Avicola San Fortunato


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