VDL Jansen: the new name of Jansen Poultry Equipment

VDL Jansen: the new name of Jansen Poultry Equipment

23 December 2021

As of 1 January 2022, Jansen Poultry Equipment will continue under the name VDL Jansen.

SAEYS_VDL_Hoofdkantoor_2U3A6656.jpgAs of 1 October 2020, Jansen Poultry Equipment has been taken over by VDL Groep. A strategic choice of Mr. Ab Jansen, founder of Jansen Poultry Equipment, to safeguard the continuity for the long term and for VDL a strategic choice to further strengthen her market position in the agricultural sector.

Companies within the VDL Groep are recognisable in the market, and so is VDL Jansen. We proudly present our new logo.


Based on this new logo, we will roll out a new corporate identity.

The core values, quality and service of Jansen will remain! In fact, by joining the VDL Groep we are assuming that we can strengthen these even further.

After all, the slogan of VDL Groep is: "Strength through cooperation".